Yêu Thêm Lần Nữa (Phần 1)
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Yêu Thêm Lần Nữa (Phần 1)

Ask Yeniden (2015)
(8.0 sao / 1 đánh giá)

Giới thiệu

Zeynep and Fatih, two individuals from different backgrounds, found themselves on the same flight back to Turkey. Zeynep, who had married against her family's wishes and relocated to the United States, was seeking refuge from a failed marriage. Meanwhile, Fatih, coming from a wealthy family, had returned from the US disillusioned with his studies. Fate brought them together on that fateful flight, where they made a pact to help each other. Fatih proposed a fake marriage to Zeynep to avoid an arranged marriage with Irem, while Zeynep, wanting to stand on her own, agreed to the arrangement. Little did they know, this chance encounter would change their lives in ways they never expected. As they embarked on this unconventional journey together, both Zeynep and Fatih would discover that sometimes, the most unexpected alliances can lead to the most extraordinary love stories.

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