Force of Execution
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Force of Execution

Force of Execution (2013)
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Steven Seagal stars as the notorious mob boss, Mr. Alexander, a man who rules his criminal empire with a mix of traditional honor and ruthless violence. When a simple prison hit goes awry, Alexander's top enforcer and protege, Roman Hurst (played by Ben Foster), finds himself facing the brutal consequences of his failure: exile in a city he once controlled. As tensions escalate in the city between Alexander, the icy gangster known as 'The Iceman' (portrayed by Ving Rhames), and a fierce Mexican cartel, Hurst must navigate a dangerous game of power and survival. With the unexpected aid of a former convict turned restaurant owner (Danny Trejo), Hurst rediscovers his inner strength and determination to seek retribution against those who have betrayed him. Caught in the midst of a brewing underworld war, Hurst must harness his skills and cunning to take down his enemies and reclaim his rightful place in the criminal hierarchy. Revenge will be his, but at what cost?

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Force of Execution

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