BanG Dream! It's MyGO!!!!!
Thông tin
  • Trạng Thái: Hoàn Tất (13/13)
  • Tổng số tập: 13
  • Thể loại: Âm Nhạc, Hoạt Hình
  • Quốc gia: Nhật Bản
  • Năm phát hành: 2023
  • Đạo diễn:
  • Thời lượng: 24 phút/tập
  • Lượt xem: 170

BanG Dream! It's MyGO!!!!!

BanG Dream! It's MyGO!!!!! (2023)
(8.0 sao / 1 đánh giá)

Giới thiệu

As the final weeks of spring passed by at Haneoka Girls’ Academy, it became evident that band fever had taken hold of almost every student. Anon, who had only recently joined the school, felt the pressure to join a band and belong. She discovered that the enigmatic Tomori, known as "Haneoka's Weirdo," had yet to join any musical groups. Determined to connect with Tomori, Anon set out to have a conversation with her, no matter the obstacles in her way. But little did she know that this encounter would lead to a bond that transcended mere words. Their music, though raw and imperfect, became the expression of their souls. As they navigated through the challenges of being misunderstood and feeling lost, they found solace in each other's company. Together, they vowed to continue creating music that spoke to their hearts, no matter where the journey took them.

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